Home Walk-Through Consultations

A high degree of competition in the housing market is leading many home buyers to waive the home inspection contingency, even if they are hesitant to do so.  We still want to help home buyers understand what they’re buying. We also want to provide this opportunity to sellers, to forestall any problem areas that a buyer’s inspector may find. Because of this, we are now providing Buyer’s and Seller’s walk-through consultations. This is not the final check of conditions on closing day, but a visual and verbal assessment of the home lasting 30 minutes to an hour, utilizing no tools. We’ll give our verbal observations as we go through the house with you, and you’ll get a brief email summary.

Please understand that this is not a home inspection!  The InterNACHI Standards of Practice are not followed on a walk through, we use no tools, and you will not receive our detailed and thorough home inspection report. You’ll receive an email summary of our findings only. You may have trouble utilizing the results of a walk through consultation to negotiate the particulars of purchasing a home.

NOTE: This service cannot be scheduled online. Please call or text (717) 745-5545 to schedule.


What's Included

  • A visual-only walk-through of the home, with you, with verbal observations
  • An email summary of what was discussed during the walk-through

What's NOT Included

  • The use of professional tools and metering devices
  • A full home inspection report, which would include numerous pictures and videos
  • The Move-In Certified title and branding (for pre-listing walk-throughs)
  • Our professional Standards of Practice

A Walk-Through is NOT a Home Inspection

Our 101-point checklist and the InterNACHI Standards of Practice are not followed in this service. Please be aware that while helpful, this is NOT in any way a standard home inspection. We utilize no tools during this consultation- it is a walk-through of the property with a verbal commentary of our visual observations. Our email comments will be nothing more than a subjective summary of our initial observations during the walk-through.

In comparison, a full home inspection takes between 2-4 hours, we follow our 101-point professional Standards of Practice, utilize precise meters and tools, follow the InterNACHI Standards of Practice, and you are provided with a detailed online and PDF report, complete with pictures and videos. We are offering this service for you to use if you plan to waive your inspection contingency to make a competitive offer. Because we know that current market conditions do not always allow for an inspection, we want to provide every opportunity for buyers and sellers to be protected.

Please understand that we do not advise waiving your home inspection. We are happy to perform a full home inspection at a later date, using our comprehensive checklist, and provide you with a detailed report with pictures and video. Don’t get surprised by red flags that we can catch before you buy (or sell) the house! Again, please call or text to schedule.

Our Service Area

We serve Allentown, Carlisle, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, Pottsville, Reading, York, and their surrounding areas in Central Pennsylvania. Contact us with questions or service outside these areas. Additional fees will apply to houses built prior to 1945 or over 50 miles away.

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